Terms & Condition

  1. The HEG should inform the Number of Students admitted in the Institute for each Course.
  2. Register the students to HEG by filling up the Registration forms provided by HEG along with the Registration and Exam fees, The Academic Year starts from the month of June.
  3. The HEG should intimate the Change of Address first to HEG for Inspection. After the Inspection the premises can be changed.
  4. The HEG should conduct the only the affiliated full time Course and should not run any other part time courses.
  5. The HEG should maintain separate Attendance for the Students of each Course and proper attendance for all the Staffs.
  6. The Number of Students in each Class should be minimum 20 and should not exceed 40.
  7. The HEG should strictly follow the Syllabus provided by HEG with proper Time-table Schedule.
  8. The HEG should be an unique Institution not sharing the Building/Tools /Infrastructure/Staffs with any other Institutions affiliated to any other Organizations.
  9. The centers affiliated to HEG have to conduct only the HEG courses and cannot conduct similar courses for other Organizations in the Same Infrastructure.
  10. The approved Advertisement Format will be sent to the Institution. The Institution can start running the courses by placing Advertisement in the Local Dailies. Any false or wrong information given to public will lead to the Cancellation of Recognition at any time without prior Notice.